Plus and Minus C12: Feelings


From all the logic it can be deduced that the world follows the rules set out in the precedent chapters.

Isn’t that nice?

But we didn’t “want” biology in the beginning. It emerged as a logical consequence, regardless of whether we thought of it when we set up the rules of the universe. So the world makes its own rules in a logical but complicated way. Perhaps quantum physics is only an indication of the further undiscovered logical processes that are completely beyond our perception and imagination … Be that as it may, what is certain is that something else exists out there than just what we already know. From this, other physical laws and phenomena can be assumed that do not agree with what we have found on our planet and in its immediate vicinity up to now. But the greatest mystery known to us is still us humans: We can think logically, but we also have an urge for satisfaction, which makes some specimens of our species do very crazy things. And that, too, can also be viewed very rationally, taking into account the satisfaction of needs. So is everything always, at all times, rational? What about the supernatural events that some people report or have reported? The adjective „rational“ represents the correctness of a thing. If something comes as it did because it had to follow the laws of nature, and this resulted in an explosion, poisoning, or even the birth of a living being, this is with regard to the universe always to be classified as “right”, and the universe, the most objective of all existence, is for us humans the only true indicator of good and bad, and thus of right and wrong. Typically, a criticism of this statement would be that not everything could be seen in black and white, but “the truth would mostly lie hidden in between”, which is partly correct, but does not always represent the right recommendation for action for us humans. In order to explain: We, as living beings, have no special duty. Accordingly, the first thing we do is to satisfy our natural needs. As soon as this has been done, we look at what other duties await us: be it helping with a building, preparing more food or storing it, defending one’s own relatives, etc. If none of these duties are pending, or if these are not perceived as duties at all, but as burdens and unpleasant activities, more and more feelings develop that trigger a certain striving for harmony that varies from person to person. But if the completion of a home for the family, or the supply goes rather badly, perhaps even fails, then the urge to survive, as well as an urge to logic is sparked, which looks for the „right“, preferring things to your own hands wants to take, and also learns faster and better, because it is for their own good, and this person has witnessed this first hand, how good it is to be able to enjoy the fruits of one’s own labor.

Where, on the other hand, those who have experienced decent care, reasonably social and empathetic people, as well as less conflict and suffering, can develop a natural talent for diplomacy, empathy and conversation in order to make the relationships between those close to them as enjoyable and harmonious as possible. Some of these people are so intelligent that they understand the pointlessness behind conflicts and challenges, but at the same time fix their efforts and goals on a life that is as peaceful as possible without any real meaning. Such people are indispensable for the future, without them a technological society could not even come into being, since its exact opposite, i.e. people who want to do more practical work and are comparatively less trained in empathy and social interaction, probably hardly any more, right will no longer exist, since a large part of what used to be “human work” is later converted to “machine work”. It may resemble an unrealistic utopia that one day we humans will be able to be superior to machines solely through our individuality and creativity, but should that be the case, it can best be checked by a tried and tested thought experiment: The future arrives and takes with it a lot of work that humans do not have to and cannot do. The bases on the moon and on Mars are established, on which the researchers, engineers and supply managers have been stationed for several generations. As soon as civilization has developed machines that represent an independently functioning ecosystem, finding accommodation, the necessary supplies and the satisfaction of other needs (necessary for survival) become so superfluous for people that art, culture and creativity become the only fields in which we humans can most effectively be used actively. Of course, at times like these, engineers, programmers and physicists, who always control and maintain the technology that had been established for everyday use up to that point, are taken care of, but the exact same work is done in a matter of seconds by a control system with the same task. That in turn means that we humans can only be used for innovation and exploration. Politics? Robots will be able to take on ethical and legal questions themselves, i.e. in the end we humans only judge „humanity“ for the implementation of the judgment. As a result, progress can be made much faster, innovation will come to the fore, efforts will come at the back. Each person will then be dependent on their humanity and not on diligence, orders or the like. By this I mean in particular the ability to empathize, to make mistakes, to be motivated: Of feelings. What led to the invention of the wheel and the discovery of fire at the beginning of history will always be with us until the end of our existence, and that is the urge to discover the new, the uncertain. This simple feeling of motivation is at the core of everything that exists today. And this „intuition“ that we humans (but also other living beings) apparently have, lets us lead to deeds that are simply „right“. Ironically, we are most effective, and at the same time most rational, when we are least conscious, that is, when we simply let ourselves be guided by the electrochemical processes in our brain. In this state too, feelings are perceived, but not very intensely, and also not without personal assessment. However, it often helps to gain new knowledge, not least because new questions can be created out of nowhere, and this promotes the urge for knowledge. But now I want to focus on curiosity, this intuition. Not only does it make people seem smart, it leads to dream, to imagine new situations, new people, and new places better and more realistically, so that one could lose oneself in them and accept it as a new reality. Like everything, this also has the obvious disadvantage that it could lead to a loss of reality, but that does not offer a further rational disadvantage, after all, robots are responsible for this. For a long time, feelings were a challenge, certainly not for me, but for many of us. They can be sweet as sugar, but also damn bitter (everyone has probably read that a thousand times). But without feelings nobody could perceive anything, and ultimately not think, judge or move the body at all.

If people only think logically, and if their entire identity were based on logic, no one would ever achieve a humanly desirable goal. As someone who valued logic for a long time and avoided feelings wherever possible, I can report from my own experience that this is the most childish, most illogical and basically worst behavior / thinking that is available. Logic is a tool from my time today, a more powerful one than feelings when it comes to implementation. Feelings are responsible for the goals. On the whole, feelings are the more powerful of the two decision options, as they determine the effort and the implementation. Now an eternal argument could spark whether this is true, or which arguments would speak for or against it. That would be a logical behavior and is therefore justified. A solution is looked for, an idea, an approach. Something that this problem, this question, this unsolved riddle, which at some point will be an even bigger problem if you don’t solve it now, brutally disassemble, analyze, understand and form a final answer that has to be correct because the Otherwise the task could stand up and stab some sneaky dagger in your back. This fear and this need is caused by this great coincidence “human being”. In other words, it’s human, don’t worry. But every person, no matter how logically proceeding, usually has feelings that they allow a meaning, a goal to appear in their discussions and in their worldview. And to achieve this goal is what makes every logical living being so incredibly happy, and what thus fulfills the clichée of “Find a passion and work in it for the rest of your life”. To be happy is the goal of many living beings. Actually from all of them, if it weren’t for me too. Hearing positive feelings is just one step, part of a much larger plan. However, the size varies from universe to universe … And that doesn’t just apply to me, but to the entire universe.

This was not an easy chapter. It took me a bit of hardship to write, but it came through in the end.

Phew! Did you notice how sentimental these lines were?

Now I’m proud of myself: I actually managed to reveal / formulate my feelings in written words! That’s probably it for this year with feelings 😀

(Please don’t take anything too seriously again, I’m fine (° – °)

As always, I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and …

Thank you for reading!

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