Unspoken laws

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“There is nothing that cannot live without mathematics. Even if that one being, or even several, represent a certain number of „things“ that can be counted. Then there are x beings who think without logic, but no more, and no less! „

Phil from: https://mexistencey.com/2021/06/16/what-is-progress/

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“Life is a game. The rules of the game are the rules of mathematics and logic.

The token pieces can be explained by biology, and the game board is made up of physics and chemistry.

Which laws shape the goal? The imagination and creativity. »

– Ventusator from: https://mexistencey.com/2021/06/19/smalltalk-with-the-universe/

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“ […] All experiences, be they of people or all other living beings that I have designed, are, to put it in solid terms: life. You don’t know anything else!

All you can logically judge is what you experience. So your senses, your experiences, and memories are all you have. This is your god. And – to put it bluntly: the sum of all gods is the god in whom you believe. Whether he / she has a gender for you, or is called Allah, Buddha, or whatever, what you believe in is what gives you a goal.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what you believe in or what your goal is, because life doesn’t make sense anyway! So, have a nice evening. Here I’ll give you a few stars, then it’s evening. “

-The Universe from: https://mexistencey.com/2021/06/19/smalltalk-with-the-universe/

The Spirit of Humanity

The spirit of humanity is the abstract notion of the sum total of all human beings that have ever existed, and thus the most precise average person who, through the feelings, thoughts, contacts, routines and biographies, is always a part of us and all people of whom we are think knowing them. His vision, that…


What we need for our peace is half our total control and half what we cannot directly control but can influence. If we don’t make it too difficult for ourselves, we’re already halfway to our goal. If we now also influence the outside world in the right way, i.e. half according to order, according to…

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