Plus and Minus C13: That’s it

Closing word

Most people seem to perceive life as such as a process, but at the same time as something that cannot be changed. It is not too rare to hear long-time residents say: „Yes, that’s how it is …“, as if the world had revealed itself to them years ago, and they would quarrel with their definition of this „life“ because a new phrase is constantly being used to access it Want to find a definition, but not all of the information is correct. In order to get ahead in life, diligence and devotion also seem to be very important, I only remember when I was a child when I could confidently say that I had to do something for school quickly as an excuse for shopping. But these times change as soon as it is considered a general duty. Some students actually seem to take this school seriously and do something about it. But now the question arises as to whether this really allows you to „move forward“. The act, that is, what it is essentially about, is not learning in this case. No, the way I got to know school, I expected much more complicated things, but not what it really is, what parts it consists of. It is primarily a simple question-and-answer game that the teacher asks and the students answer. It has nothing to do with learning! Learning is not just memorizing a question, it is the interest in a topic that leads you to take the necessary perspectives for it, it is not just about working, but about understanding the world around you based on human nature.

„Why is human nature the way it is?“ „Because we humans have a serious need for security because of our brain, our perception, because many people have probably also had the experiences I once had to go through, namely the experience of absolute emptiness and lack of character.“ If all things known to us, as well as things unknown to us, simply exist only for those living beings who, however, recognize no meaning, no pattern, no feelings in them or can draw from them, is the world still something perfect, logical? For this person, in this state, not. I therefore baptize this state: „Apathetic state of mind“, since there is no physical or psychological emotional phenomenon in this state, there is only pure existence, but with enough awareness to be able to adhere to civilized and moral rules or norms. But that is not the main focus, let alone the problem with this condition. The peculiarity lies simply in the uselessness that this potential-filled spirit and sensory apparition shows. But you are even aware of this waste in this state, but simply do not care, because this person concerned only pursues / wants to pursue rational trains of thought, but does not necessarily have an expected average general knowledge level, which is why procrastination is a means for unsafe actions, and is therefore often found with said people. One even doubts one’s own personality, one’s own abilities and opinions, because the question of the reason is always in the foreground, and the reason for the question for the reason is always in the foreground. Literally killing time is reassuringly not the final result. With enough free time and correct questions, as well as sources of knowledge (optionally BOOKS like this one) promote general and specialist knowledge, and since this phenomenon usually only appears in people who are so fascinated by self-study and the urge to seize power that they get the first The hurdle that most would fail is likely to be an easy one. I hope you enjoyed this philosophical excursus and you are now enjoying the new knowledge that has been gathered. If so, I now ask that you question my theories and reveal your own point of view.

This can also be done anonymously, but you may at least once go in the direction of philosophy or a more cognitive pastime on your part, so you already enjoy the basis and the security that you need to satisfactorily offer the slogan to a passionate debater be able. Because always remember: Any activity leads to a better quality of life, provided that enough energy has been received beforehand! Not to try to win a discussion by building one’s own point of view would be a waste of time, and therefore bad, in the eyes of those who base their existence on the simple fact of a ruling dualism. To be equated with everything bad of this kind, i.e. death. If you don’t dare to go in one direction, you lose. Please take that to heart. And if you have now all worried and displeased: Take a rest, forget about it and come back later. In this existence it is impossible for a person not to be amazed at anything. And the core of it all lies in life itself. So now that you have read this book, you are on the right track.

The next one is already waiting for you … and will be able to give you more detailed information on how to „properly“ shape your life.

Until then, I thank you very much and wish you a wonderful existence with hopefully many hurdles. You now know what I’m getting at …

Be in the plus!

I had a lot of fun with this project, and I sincerely hope that it was the same for you. If not …

Perfect! More criticism!

Always bring it on, the comment section already smells it …

What could I have done better? What have I done well?

Are there gaps, reapiting, heavy errors (content, grammatical, spelling mistakes, punctuation, etc.) or other unanswered questions?

I am glad about every comment.

Now, as always, I wish you a wonderful, wonderful day, stay curious, and …

Thank you for reading!

P.S .: Can someone find any personal life experience(s) within these 13 Chapters?

If you are willing to, please share!

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