Project Dreams


Hey there! This is a little interactive project about dreams, goals and ambitions.

The goal is to have an overview of the „options“, people can choose to follow, as it may have a psychological effect for people, who are aware of following their dreams, but simply not having anything they’d naturally pursue on their own. Of course, everyone needs to find for themselves what pushes their buttons, but taking a look on this board should fasten the process, of finding the answer to the question:

„What do you want to achieve in life?“

It also provides philosophical insights as such, because there might be a pattern underneath todays society and their needs, which could be useful to discover…

Whatever yours might be – If you want to participate in an anonymous, free overview board, you can write your proposals right underneath!

So let’s go!

  • I want to go to space
  • My dream is to be happy (example)
  • I want to live a peaceful life (example)
  • I want to become a teacher (example)
  • [insert your dream here by filling the form underneath]