Plus and Minus C13: That’s it

Closing word Most people seem to perceive life as such as a process, but at the same time as something that cannot be changed. It is not too rare to hear long-time residents say: „Yes, that’s how it is …“, as if the world had revealed itself to them years ago, and they would quarrel„Plus and Minus C13: That’s it“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C12: Feelings

Feelings From all the logic it can be deduced that the world follows the rules set out in the precedent chapters. Isn’t that nice? But we didn’t “want” biology in the beginning. It emerged as a logical consequence, regardless of whether we thought of it when we set up the rules of the universe. So„Plus and Minus C12: Feelings“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C11: Effectiveness

Effectiveness, development and the true meaning of life The fanaticism already mentioned above, and its inferred aggressiveness as a passion for that worldview, is a well-founded equation for me as an amateur theorist and logician. So I may be a bit philosophical, so effectiveness in that walk of a person / all living beings who„Plus and Minus C11: Effectiveness“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C10: Logic

Logic, numbers and the ability to think purposefully This “tunnel vision”, as I’d call it boldly, is definitely one of the most effective states a person can find himself in. I, who I have already written a text about the advantages of fanaticism and aggressiveness, like few people, pursue a passion for a certain topic„Plus and Minus C10: Logic“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C9: Potential

Highest possible potential (In the thumbnail is so much room for potential) (ha ha…) The title is by no means intended to act as a deterrent, this point actually comes before logic, as it is, among other things, the reason for this book. The performance of every person would definitely be maximized, or at least„Plus and Minus C9: Potential“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C8: Goals

You exist. Others also exist. Things also exist. All of this exists and is therefore the opposite of the «non-existence» (read: death) life! We know that there are exactly these two states. If we now look at you: You consist of several «layers». On the one hand, you have an energy and metabolic cycle, so„Plus and Minus C8: Goals“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C7: Awareness

Consciousness, your greatest friend and greatest enemy Your body wants to survive. Your thoughts want to win Your consciousness? That doesn’t want anything. And I want you to know that this is exactly the enemy image that you can strike. The only, morally most legitimate enemy image, which is why many motivational speakers keep talking„Plus and Minus C7: Awareness“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C6: Basic Principles

Why does time go exactly the way it does? Some would argue that time goes straight, some may argue that time has no direction, and still others would argue that time is like a train and we humans stand by and look at that train. The fact is: There is something in this universe that„Plus and Minus C6: Basic Principles“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C5.2: Addition

The answer to the question, why do all the randomly developed sciences want us humans to play by their rules, obviously lies in logic: We living beings consist of nothing else than biology. For the most part, however, this biology has arisen from chemistry, and chemistry in turn from physics, and that in turn from„Plus and Minus C5.2: Addition“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C5.1: Paradox of the will to survive

How important is competition in life and why? (I know, oddly drawn. Maybe I’m going to improve it in a decade or two 😉 When it comes to the question of identity, the model of the church is often used to describe people and to be able to divide them into its components: The human„Plus and Minus C5.1: Paradox of the will to survive“ weiterlesen