Plus and Minus C11: Effectiveness

Effectiveness, development and the true meaning of life

The fanaticism already mentioned above, and its inferred aggressiveness as a passion for that worldview, is a well-founded equation for me as an amateur theorist and logician. So I may be a bit philosophical, so effectiveness in that walk of a person / all living beings who live at any time of the year is merely a product of convictions and, accordingly, a fanaticism that is established. So may a development like an event be responsible for the fact that that worldview changes, it is a judgment of one’s own spirit (not the majority) to decide which worldview seems appropriate. The meaning of life arises from the conflict with others, but an exchange is not a real conflict, but rather an enrichment for both sides. It then seems illogical to me to say that exchange through words that contribute to the development of the human spirit and thus consolidate the worldview that makes it possible to carry out a conflict at all cannot be regarded as an equivalent meaning of life.

However, continuous changes were a synonym for unstoppable developments, according to which principles I personally lived for my own values ​​and without objectivity. It was horrible. Reference should be made at this point to the value of logic, and the security that is inherent in it.

Fig. 1: Advanced Life-Death-Model

This emptiness and fear, despair and soullessness once flowed through me and finally settled in me too. This uncertainty of the conviction that everything would change without exception and continuously in one way or another did not prevent me from recognizing my self-confidence and my weaknesses as well as seeing part of my personal preferences, on the contrary, I did not feel the slightest trace of emotion as it emerged before when I made every decision of the ominous norm of change, which thus turned out to be not quite right. But this fanaticism, as I described it at the beginning, should be the state that every person strives towards: A simple life, consisting of the job you love, to which you sacrifice all your time and energy in order to simply be the best in the profession.

Meeting friends who are gripped by the same passion and thus last longer as if it were only for the sake of the meeting. But development has both sides. Both the good and the bad. As seen in the Advanced-Life-Death-Model, the “meaning” of the life beings from this perspective is to fight in order to be able to benefit from it in the end. Effort is the whole point here. Because whoever makes an effort brings about changes, and sometimes has to relax in order to bring about changes again afterwards, in other words: to be able to live! To express it in a logical form, (the reason for which has already been deduced several times) we are always in a state of change, because if our brain, our heart and ultimately our lungs stop working, we would not be alive. Incontrovertible fact. Development, a synonym for change, equates to improvement, Far from all optimism, I would claim to be able to say that life is positive because developments are taking place. If there were no changes, there would be no life either, since no „combat“ (= confrontation => review) would take place, so that no positive or bad developments can take place, which in turn lead to training and education in order to become to enhance. But now the statics can also be derived in the same way. Stability is also part of life.

(Explanation in chapter K5: Paradox of the will to survive) The reason why positivity and negativity play the decisive part in this investigation is due to the atoms that we logically had to produce at the beginning of our creation of the world. They gave us the stability that, through our simple rules, anything could be initiated that we can be sure of that things exist today. Of course, the first was the numbers, but even the numbers aimed to balance out. That nothing. The zero. However, there was an impulse, this spark of life, of change, which then formed the logic. Everything we humans can at least perceive can always be explained logically. Natural phenomena obey the rules of physics, living beings also those of biology and psychology.

At least we humans need psychology, because we are so intricately knitted that even illogical processes can be set in motion. The same was true then of the universe. It started purely logically, but over time and development it became something illogical.


Then that was us.

Chaos theory supports this claim. Because every structure, no matter how complicated it is, is in reality always made up of many small subsystems and different components. But all physical components are not enough to understand a developing being, a being that is freed from static because it contains energy in a closed system. We beings who have been chosen to hold this energy, how do we use it? Logical? Illogical?

Right and wrong, or just right, or just wrong? While we can pursue two systems: Either that of judgment, which can follow with praise and punishment after an act, or the emotional, which accuses us of illusions of the biological limits of our actions, both before, during and after every act. Neither one is always right. And so it seems that it is most effective to first think about whether one should act effectively at all and according to maximum performance. It depends on the situations.

In a fight? Of course effective, but if it is just a test of strength with friendly people, the logical way will be to choose the soft hand.

While sleeping? In the garden?

Some plants won’t bloom the harder you touch them. The same applies to the bed and to children. And so it may always turn to the most effective: In the end, the most effective is to leave as great an effect as possible, but an effort that is barely noticeable. So energy does not have to be consumed, rest does not have to set in as quickly as it was once recommended … This in turn leads to ineffectiveness, e.g. to gain power. On the other hand, preparations for a fight lead to ineffectiveness in the garden, for example because the plants were not watered while the sandbag was busily boxed. In the end everything is in balance, all the results that could have been achieved are outweighed by the results that actually came about. However, the “bad” results, the mistakes that hang on the back of every being because of human error, always go unmentioned.

However, these are not taken into account: the deflections, the length of the amplitudes on the x-axis of the change are measured. Mistakes have no natural impact on your successes, your growth. But whether they actually have an effect is determined artificially, by yourself! So choose wisely whether you prefer to view errors positively or negatively.

Therein lies the best, the most effective thing you can think about during the day …

I hope you are as proud of yourself as you can be knowing that your time was meaningful and fulfilling. While I was writing this article, I got this feeling all the more, so I just wanted to wish it to you ^^.

As always: I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious and …

Thank you for reading!

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