Hey there!

Long time no see, huh?

What can I say. „Existence is terrifying“

Here’s a random article I wrote around two months ago. I kept writing, even though my mental health wasn’t really going the right way. Now it kind of gets better.

I already take therapy, so no worries there.

Here, maybe it would help you and me as well, if I share with you my thoughts, that have changed drastically since the last two months:

„Earlier I was uncomfortable about Thinking, Analyzing and Reasons and Reality.

Today I am uncomfortable about Feelings, Acceptance and « Fuck it » and Dreams, a way of succeding and ending positively in life.

In order to survive, I need to do, what is the most uncomfortable in the moment, and right now, it is about confronting my emotions, my past and trauma, and the vulnerability, of leaving things as they are.

Surviving also resembles chess, and in order to play right and win, I need to be careful, and not only rely on reasons, but also partially on guts.

No Game is worth playing, if you don’t feel the pain, since then, you can’t feel the reward.“

I felt yesterday, as if I was reborn.

Just imagine waking up one day, knowing who you are, and in what world you live, and you’d feel like waking up in a dream, wanting to know, wanting to try, wanting to question and challenge everything, like a little child does.

Sorry to those I didn’t write with a long time.

Goes especially to you, mick, as well as partially to you „heart4kidsadvocacyforum“

Go follow their blogs, if you just happened to get lost on my page.

Then you may have found some meaning in your search.

Thank you for reading, anyways!



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