Universe and Happiness

The random deep thought from „Damn“, my most popular article so far.

It’s a dialogue between us humans (represented by „Me“) and the Universe „U“.

My thought initially begins with the continuation of the middle part of „Damn“… (Flashback):


Just for a moment…Because I want to try it out…

Checklist of Life:

Surviving ☑

Being Happy ☐

Hell yeah, that feels great!

Well… What now? What should I do now? Are there any tasks? What’s the goal?


Suddenly, The Universe: “ There is none“

Me: „What?

U: „I don’t have much time, I was just passing by earth, as I heard you talking to yourself, so I just answered your very easy question.“

Me: „Well, why do I keep living, then?“

U: „What? *Turns his gaze to god, who takes a nap* God, what happened here?

* looks closer*

„…is he…dead?“

Me: „Nah, he is just taking a nap. But Nietzsche thought we would’ve accidentally killed him. Hilarious guy.“

U: „Phew, I was worried for a sec. It’s not like I would’ve cared or anything…

I just designed this thought, this belief for you, so you could believe in „something“ since your human brains cannot comprehend the concept of „nothing“.“

Me: „That’s what we’re supposed to do, then? Nothing“

U: „Nah mate. Choose a direction of working and creating things for your surrounding human beings, that challenges you. Keep to that interest and you’ll be doing fine.

You don’t have to be the best at it, but whatever, you can do whatever you like, and think, that it might leave you with no regrets on your deathbed.“

Me: „Huh, strange. Normally everyone just tells me to do what I want, and what makes me happy.“

U: „Yeah, normally people do that automatically. Some people just need more time to decide or try things out.

And then there are of course crazy people like you, who aren’t just satisfied with doing emotional things like searching pure happiness. You want meaningful things, and the belief…“

Me: „….you mean: illusion…“

„Same thing

…, that the things you do are meaningful, logical, rational, have a logical reason.

Yeah (chuckles) sorry, we don’t do that here.“

Me: „So… Should I just make myself a philosophy, which denies, that this fact exists, and just living on without purpose and goal until the end of my time?“

U: „My dude… Someone already did this. A lot of people actually did. It’s called … Religion, or something, I forgot how you guys called it. It’s actually great for your mental illnesses. Like I said, your brain just loves nonsense so it can rest. It makes you feel great, and more stupid, so it doesn’t get caught in the thoughts beyond survival, which are, in fact, pure chaos and nonsense.“

Me: „Then how about…trying to scientifically explain why to be motivated, having your own philosophy and goal, i.e. by making a blog with all kind of philosophical systems, in order to benefit from the exact same advantages of religion on your brain, without having to believe in stuff, where it always has the danger to be made up, or not being 100% true and historically, logically and scientifically accurate, which may one day, as our knowledge and proof of the past and the future enriches everyday, may be actually discovered…?

Or it’s all true, I don’t care. All I want is reliable knowledge, which allows me to finally do my duties, in order to be able to say, that I don’t have to have any regrets or bad feelings about leaving this life a little bit too early.“

U: „Wow. You must hate life quite badly.“

Me: „Kinda.“

U: “ See, that’s exactly why I gave some random man the idea of god. So he can spread it, and persuade you to live longer.“

Me: „Well how about… you, giving me the idea of spreading a „scientific religion“ which logically proves, which things would make more sense to do now.“

U: „Let me just recite some quote of you funny animals:

“ When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themeselves with pleasure“ – Viktor Frankl

„Pain is only bearable when we know it will end, not if we deny it exists „

Viktor Frankl, again

„The literal meaning of life is what you’re doing, that prevents you from killing yourself“

Albert Camus

„Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you“

Sartre, probably

„He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary“


and the best one for this situation, especifically for your very question:

„Lectures, which really teach, will never be popular; lectures that are popular, will never teach anything.“

Michael Faraday

People wouldn’t believe or even listen to you. And Jesus wasn’t scientific because of exactly that.“

Me: „Well, okay. I accept that.“

U: “ Here’s the thing: Just be happy, but don’t kill yourself because of that, okay?

An Overdose and a lack of meaning and emotions are both deadly, like any other thing too.

At least you Human beings got that law right, huh ?

Find the center of all things, however, do not even try searching. It is already found.

It is you. You as you are. »

Me: „…“

Me: „What?“

Me: “ Let me get this just straight: I want to be happy, and for that I need to find the center of all things, emotions and therefore happiness included. How does this make sense? I thought I’m just obligated to want to be happy?“

U: *sigh* okay, my straight answer, so that your lizard brain with a frontal cortex can hopefully slightly follow this time:


It’s actually not that important so feel happy at any given moment, in fact, it’d be quite healthy to have these variations of feeling:

This is just the mathematical, abstract illustration of emotions. In nature, it may not be exactly that, but emotions still be bouncing up and down, no matter what.




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