Inspired by an Instagram post:

Poor Ralph just helped existential philosophy and logical motivation

What if we are just continously remembered by the things surrounding us, since the universe checks every second that we exist (would it stop, we would stop existing) by touch, smell, energy, radiation everything else we emit etc.

Also : What if the things would stop existing (just as Ralph would) if we would stop seeing, hearing and feeling the things around us (even blind people can interact with existence, however, they would never be able to let this Ralph exist, since they can’t read this. They can only believe to read the lines, and make their own Ralph, with a completely different identity, but the same concept, exist.)?

What if it continues to exist because two existential manifestations (which were one, and will be one, and ARE one, forming over time like the shape of an eye, just split up in black and white, 0 and 1, the upper and lower half of the eye) just seem to constantly remind themselves, that there is another entity, which is worth to keep it in mind (even though we are one, and the exact opposite at the same time)?

Through keeping it in mind, the other thing exists. Doing so, it won’t forget you. So don’t you ever forget anything from this world, because your memory is the universe inside you, and you will be remembered forever by the universe, even beyond humanity, since it will always remember you in it, too.

But who would ever want that?



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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

4 Kommentare zu „Ralph

  1. Haven’t heard from you for a while. Do you read my wekly newspaper? Nice anology on the old „if a tree falls in a forest“. I’m coming to understand that once we are gone that only the memories remain and that is entirely subjective on the individual.

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    1. Hey mick! Your comment made me smile a bit. It was the same conclusion I had to come to, that we are within ourselves in charge of having memories, not solely relying on the events we cause and influence make up our life.
      To be brutally honest, I didn’t manage to keep up with your newspaper-series (I regret it, since the jokes are on point!). I did read some of them, though. The analogy might have just been a very freaky coincidence, that I am proud of.

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      1. An old army mate has been sending me jokes since 2014 so a wealth of material for page 3 jokes. You should read some of the conspiracy and alien stories I make up. Also the mansplaining articles starting from issue 19 are worth a read. In issue 19 I mansplain mince and reveal how we saved the world.
        Good to see you posting again even though
        I have gotten slack with my stuff.


      2. We need to save the world, no matter the sarcasm.
        Now the schizoid counterpart of mine, contradicting: Don’t count on me being consistent in my posting nor my reading, since I’m working hard on several things at once, probably as you do too.
        I will publish written things when the time is right.
        Philo. Greetings,

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