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Yes, the logo is self made

I am writing here about a concept that many people refer to as a question. Normally people would have simply accepted that they were put on a duo on a page that they knew absolutely nothing about the writer at the beginning. But those who like to question the simple things in life in advance will certainly be happy to have found a source of vague answers that leaves enough room for interpretation to find the specific redeeming key to the lock on their own.

The following things must be observed:

  • Spelling mistakes are my candy. I don’t like them, but they appear everywhere.
  • I haven’t finished studying anything in the field of philosophy / science in general, and I’m not currently doing that either.
  • I get my knowledge mainly from books, the internet and my head. Sources (with the exception of my head) are of course given.
  • Honest feedback is better than nothing.
  • Better not write anything feedback-ish though, if you don’t want to think beforehand.
  • This thinking should include constructive criticism (for myself so that I can correct my mistakes), the ability to google and healthy self-questioning. The same goes for me, of course.
  • Everybody makes mistakes. Fact.

To those, who can not be enthusiastic about theories, I can only recommend to him/her to want to understand the world better, because only through constant unpleasant questioning, a literally meaningful basis for every life arise.

Even if the truth is awkward.

I hope I can use it to give a few people food for thought. In addition to the actual entertainment and cultivation of this curiosity, that is also the aim of this blog. With that in mind, I wish you, whoever you are, a wonderful day, and I hope to see you again here if you ever wonder what happened to this page you stumbled upon and somehow a dude started telling you something about putting things on a duo.

I look forward to it!


P.S .: I should ‘also introduce myself, shouldn’t I? kappa

My character name is Ventusator (really epic, I know).

It is a word combination from the Latin word for wind (= Ventus) and hunter (= Venator).

I never had Latin in school. I just figured those two words would fit right now, so I merged them. I’m so proud of it that I’m even presenting it to the Internet.

Please praise this word creation, that’s creative, ok ?! (… watch out, that was irony)

But why is the blog called „mexistencey“ then?

my existence => m existence y => mexistency

In addition, the last two letters are pronounced like the ending for the English word for key.

You can guess what that means if you understand my above analogy with the key as an answer to a question.

The first three letters „mex“ sound similar to the English pronunciation for Max, which in turn is an abbreviation for Maximus (= „the greatest“; Latin), and is intended to show my ambition to become the largest blog for philosophy on WordPress.

Well, at least in this format.


I am Ventusator, your guy from the Internet who asks himself questions about existence and answers them.

And just let you participate in some thought processes.

In this sense I wish you a wonderful time on these pages, and see you in the next thought-muddle.

Your Ventusator



Veröffentlicht von Ventusator

Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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