Don’t expect much

Seriously. I’m on my vacation right now. There won’t be too much happening here. Just some holiday cheers, and the definition of what I’m doing here on this blog. To those who subscribed: Big hearts and thanks for your interest in philosophical and deep thoughts, that may even work together to build something unimaginable BIG!„Don’t expect much“ weiterlesen

Praise Challenge #7 Tasting

On german again, nobody seemed to have even noticed the english version. And since it doesn’t make any sense to brabble something on another language than the manuscript you’re reading and writing from, I decided to continue the „sound“-way, but change the „write“ way. Why are you even interested in that? Why do I write„Praise Challenge #7 Tasting“ weiterlesen

Nothing is the meaning

Traveling and any other overly sensory stimulations, which oftentimes require spontaneous and unplanned decision-making, coupled with the exact opposite, repeated and carefully balanced over time, is probably the most possible sensation of life that you can provoke. And of course there should be a goal or something, guiding you to balance, since we will either„Nothing is the meaning“ weiterlesen

Opposite gives value

Survival is the main reason why we still have purpose in this life, I think. Because: We are based off these packs, these „natural“ hierarchies. We still think in these ways as we look at our society, our politics and our debates. If we would have evolved that far as a species, so that everyone„Opposite gives value“ weiterlesen

Fragenstrudel #5

Es existiert etwas. Muss ich Fragen stellen ? Ja, sonst denkst du nicht, und denken ist deine Existenz. Wie geht das ? Du bist unzufrieden mit der Antwort, die du durch deine Sinne, besonders deinem Gehirn, wahrnimmst, und machst auf diesen Umstand in der jeweiligen Sprache deiner parallel existierenden Ungeheuer aufmerksam. Welche Fragen muss ich stellen ? Alle,„Fragenstrudel #5“ weiterlesen