A Little Tale About Friendship In Space

The commander not only looked grim, he was too. He really was annoyed by the seemingly never-ending workdays in a row, his colleagues, but especially by his goldfish who died this morning and which he now had to throw into the space toilet flush. That day, nothing was just not as great as he would„A Little Tale About Friendship In Space“ weiterlesen

A simple, but sentient Universe?

Philosophy, Astrophysics, and all similar fields seem to fuel my spiritual satisfaction. Not only because they provide answers like the origin of time and space, but also the reason for having this existential “program” that drives us humans to do research and to change and influence the path we were given to walk. And, well,„A simple, but sentient Universe?“ weiterlesen

Smalltalk with the Universe

“ Life is a game. The rules of the game are the rules of mathematics and logic. The token pieces can be explained by biology, and the game board is made up of physics and chemistry. Which laws shape the goal? The imagination and creativity. » – Ventusator In other words: Life makes no sense,„Smalltalk with the Universe“ weiterlesen

The Lion and the Boy

A boy sparked a scream that went beyond the world. Everyone heard it, but no one asked why. The sound didn’t ask. The atmosphere didn’t ask. However, the lion got up. He ran to the boy without sleeping, without ever resting, but his way was long. It took the lion a day and a night„The Lion and the Boy“ weiterlesen

What is Progress?

In this format, I tell a story in the most practical possible context: Sophie and her friend Philipp (nicknamed „Phil“) ask themselves specific philosophical and sometimes psychological questions in everyday life, which then have to be answered. These stories (or other things) are currently not in a specific schedule for me. So when and what„What is Progress?“ weiterlesen