Gedanken zu kognitiven Funktionen

Eigentlich muss ja nur jeder Gewinnen, und ist damit fertig mitm leben. Gewinnen ist für manche aber ein lebenslanges Spiel, was sie nie erreichen und für manche ein fast lebenslanges Spiel, was sie durch ihre Harte Arbeit und Sichtweisen erreichen. Eigentlich hat jeder schon durch seine und ihre Existenz gewonnen. Zu leben ist ein Privileg,„Gedanken zu kognitiven Funktionen“ weiterlesen

Thoughts on cognitive functions

Actually everyone just has to win, and then, we are done with Life itself. For some, however, winning is a lifetime game that they never achieve and for some, a quick lifetime game of what they achieve through their hard work and perspective. In fact, everyone has already gained through his and her existence. To„Thoughts on cognitive functions“ weiterlesen

Introduction to Cognitive Functions

Now that you may be happy about your type and all, please, enjoy yourself a little longer and fantasize about, how good your life will be now, since you now know, that there are people to understand you. How they can even relate to your very own problems, which, of course, only are, because of„Introduction to Cognitive Functions“ weiterlesen

Introduction MBTI

While being in a state of mysterious logical seeking, Shun found himself in every emotional state he ever experienced, thought everything he ever wondered about one more time, and even worked on his personality and way of thinking in order to find … something. Why does he want to find something in the first place?„Introduction MBTI“ weiterlesen

Plus and Minus C5.2: Addition

The answer to the question, why do all the randomly developed sciences want us humans to play by their rules, obviously lies in logic: We living beings consist of nothing else than biology. For the most part, however, this biology has arisen from chemistry, and chemistry in turn from physics, and that in turn from„Plus and Minus C5.2: Addition“ weiterlesen