Existence is solved (1/?)

You can talk. Therefore lead a good relationship and control people, thus, everything around you. Spend your money. Train your body and eat healthy. Read and learn to answer questions. …and just feel well by eating cookies or playing chess. How much more reasons do you need to understand that you don’t have a reason„Existence is solved (1/?)“ weiterlesen

What should be common sense

A sense, for the feelings and thoughts from the people around you. The chess game is just over for YOU. Not the world. The Test is failed. That doesn’t mean you can’t win anymore. You can still join, but for that, you need to work harder, in oder to get to the expectations of a„What should be common sense“ weiterlesen


Exterior Expectations = Life quality. Life quality influences your duration of playing the game. The highest Life quality has the King (the highest possible age someone can attain while still being able to die in piece, comfort and silence.) Afterwards the Queen (90 – 100 years) Then the Rook (50- 90 years) The Bishop (30„Expectations“ weiterlesen


Things that come automatically are meant to be. If you wouldn’t think it, you couldn’t say it, and thus, it will never be said (at least by you, but hypothetically speaking we do not observe more than the entirety of humanity within one single vessel, with no other animal or even the opposite sex existing.)„Automatism“ weiterlesen

Chess: Universe

Therefore, the opposing strategy cannot be adhered to in the hope of being able to delay a long game. Rather the opposite will be the case. Because whatever you do, the universe does something about it. It lets you do certain things, many of them not entirely without consequences. Or at least no immediate and„Chess: Universe“ weiterlesen

Chess: Power

But what does the king symbolize anyway? He shows what many probably abhor. In addition to the truth, he shows the emotions in the human world view. You have them, but you can’t use them for anything. You have power, but very limited. Everyone respects the king, but he hasn’t earned it by his power„Chess: Power“ weiterlesen

Chess: The potential, the life curve

The potential But some pawns can learn something throughout their lives. Some actually look backwards by getting rid of the pointless activity in which they have tried in vain to seek their fortune, and finally doing something that fulfills them with fun and provides them joy. They become the Rook. Even if they didn’t realize„Chess: The potential, the life curve“ weiterlesen

Schach: Macht

Aber was symbolisiert der König denn überhaupt? Er zeigt das, was viele wahrscheinlich verabscheuen. Neben der Wahrheit, zeigt er in dem menschlichen Weltbild die Emotionen an. Du hast sie, kannst sie aber für nichts gebrauchen. Sie haben Macht, aber sehr begrenzt. Vor dem König hat jeder Respekt, dennoch, hat er sich dies nicht durch seine„Schach: Macht“ weiterlesen