How my thoughts work

My thoughts work like water: Water molecules are distributed everywhere, both in the real world and on a chess board, and a blackboard with any number of dimensions there are. At least in my frame: For example 3-dimensions, in order to imagine a „thing“ like a dog, and making it a three dimensional picture for„How my thoughts work“ weiterlesen

What should be common sense

A sense, for the feelings and thoughts from the people around you. The chess game is just over for YOU. Not the world. The Test is failed. That doesn’t mean you can’t win anymore. You can still join, but for that, you need to work harder, in oder to get to the expectations of a„What should be common sense“ weiterlesen


Exterior Expectations = Life quality. Life quality influences your duration of playing the game. The highest Life quality has the King (the highest possible age someone can attain while still being able to die in piece, comfort and silence.) Afterwards the Queen (90 – 100 years) Then the Rook (50- 90 years) The Bishop (30„Expectations“ weiterlesen

Your Chess Pieces

„Play“ with the chess pieces already available, the ones you start playing with at the beginning, after discovering the world as such, are most probably the ones you are going to play with during your whole life. It’s your consciousness, and your memories, that are mainly defined by them. These chess pieces are, in my„Your Chess Pieces“ weiterlesen

You are doing fine

When planning my life ahead, I figured, it might not be the best plan, to think that I’ll be quitting everything I have done before, and start with my passion and my drive a completely new field of study, and then, everything will turn out great. Nah, don’t think so. It might be cool and„You are doing fine“ weiterlesen


I just caught myself having that sick thought: „Damn. It seems like I could survive this day. I ate enough, and there is enough additional food in the kitchen. I drank around 1,5 litres of water already, and water enough is in the reserve there too. My house has the average outside security, namely working„Damn“ weiterlesen

Don’t expect much

Seriously. I’m on my vacation right now. There won’t be too much happening here. Just some holiday cheers, and the definition of what I’m doing here on this blog. To those who subscribed: Big hearts and thanks for your interest in philosophical and deep thoughts, that may even work together to build something unimaginable BIG!„Don’t expect much“ weiterlesen