Universe and Happiness

The random deep thought from „Damn“, my most popular article so far. It’s a dialogue between us humans (represented by „Me“) and the Universe „U“. My thought initially begins with the continuation of the middle part of „Damn“… (Flashback): „““““ Just for a moment…Because I want to try it out… Checklist of Life: Surviving Being„Universe and Happiness“ weiterlesen

Existence is solved (1/?)

You can talk. Therefore lead a good relationship and control people, thus, everything around you. Spend your money. Train your body and eat healthy. Read and learn to answer questions. …and just feel well by eating cookies or playing chess. How much more reasons do you need to understand that you don’t have a reason„Existence is solved (1/?)“ weiterlesen

Praise Challenge #7 Tasting

On german again, nobody seemed to have even noticed the english version. And since it doesn’t make any sense to brabble something on another language than the manuscript you’re reading and writing from, I decided to continue the „sound“-way, but change the „write“ way. Why are you even interested in that? Why do I write„Praise Challenge #7 Tasting“ weiterlesen

Taking a break #1

Call me a perfectionist, but I do not want to lose all my progress of keeping a record of a-post-a-day for almost 2-months. So instead, please admire some quite useful table to give you an overview of why doing anything today, in this meaningless existence: Have a beautiful, meaningless day everyone! You’re a hero for„Taking a break #1“ weiterlesen

Die Welt fragt uns

Die Welt ist basically die Frage : Was sollen wir tun ? Und die Philosophen sind die Helden der Stunde, und antworten mit ihren philosophischen Schriften und Reden, über die sich jeder austauschen kann, eigene Inspirationen daraus ziehen kann, und stundenlang konsumieren, um endlich zu wissen was die Welt eigentlich bedeutet. Schlussendlich: Die Welt fragt uns Dinge,„Die Welt fragt uns“ weiterlesen

An Example of Essay Evaluation + Motivation

Essay evaluation 2:06 Thought it’d be cool to share this and maybe even use this too! When I’m commenting on someone else’s post, I always end up asking myself (why and) how I’m doing this. To have a guide and a helping hand really is a bliss! That’s the conclusion for today, I guess. Check„An Example of Essay Evaluation + Motivation“ weiterlesen

Idee für Sophie und Phil

Sophie – Maximizer Phil und Bruder – Satisficer Ist wohl nicht das Beste, einen ganzen Post nur für diese Idee zu machen, aber ich dachte es hat auch noch den Zweck inne, um einfach anzukündigen, dass Sophie und Phil auch noch kommen werden. DIeser Blog soll ja bestimmte Gedanken beinhalten, zu „bestimmt“ zählen auch random,„Idee für Sophie und Phil“ weiterlesen