The Spirit of Humanity

The spirit of humanity is the abstract notion of the sum total of all human beings that have ever existed, and thus the most precise average person who, through the feelings, thoughts, contacts, routines and biographies, is always a part of us and all people of whom we are think knowing them.

His vision, that is, the totality of all dreams of power, happiness, sustainability, justice, values, meaning, and triumphant gain, is to be fulfilled because it is all that the spirit of humanity in its existential framework, simply and truly, wants .

This idea satisfies, this gives us peace.

All our freedom is there only to be used to have peace.

If you are not free, then use all the peace within you that you have from wanting, striving for and pursuing something really and with focus (that’s what people with freedom have their problems with, so better appreciate it!) to end up to feel your personal freedom.

If you are free, grow to find peace. If you are content, grow to find freedom.

Whatever you do, you grow, thereby keeping the yin and yang spinning.

And no matter what you think, your thinking manifests your will to live, because you try to enforce your will through your thinking, feeling, doing… through your pure existence, this must be THE ultimate proof of the will to continue to exist until you die, because that’s how it’s supposed to be, in this existence.

And you want to exist. With everything that goes with it. And you can only do that in this existence.

It would be right, for example, to use your time to be happy and not to regret the (personal) memories you have to look back on at the end of your life.

Yes, exactly. They stay forever.

So have respect for the times and take them seriously, that makes you special.

But never forget that it’s just a game.

Because everything
(= something worth living for) is based on
(= the average avoidable regret, due to the same successes but also the same avoidable mistakes as every average entity commits.)

Calm yourself with it (with the nihilism, the futility of existence) in situations where you seem close to despair. Losing is not an option for you and your perception/reality, yet the fears of loss and the scenarios of what people think of you and how you would feel after losing continue to spur you on to win.

Good luck with that. I can promise you that I will win.



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