What we need for our peace is half our total control and half what we cannot directly control but can influence. If we don’t make it too difficult for ourselves, we’re already halfway to our goal.

If we now also influence the outside world in the right way, i.e. half according to order, according to our sense, and according to chaos, i.e. the sense of others, we are satisfied with the world.

If we are 100% on target, someone else is dissatisfied and starts at 0%. We shouldn’t be ashamed of that (as I said: don’t make it too difficult for ourselves) but show empathy.

Eventually we will get worse and the other person will get better. Everything levels off at 50%, then everything is fine, we have our everyday problems that we complain about and now that we have realized this, we can actually be grateful for them.

„Those who don’t have problems don’t live, and those who can’t and don’t want to solve problems haven’t survived until now“ – Ventusator


„All Life Is Problem Solving“ – Sir Karl R. Popper



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Eigentlich bin ich manchmal ganz nett. Sometimes I may actually be nice.

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