How my thoughts work

My thoughts work like water: Water molecules are distributed everywhere, both in the real world and on a chess board, and a blackboard with any number of dimensions there are.

At least in my frame: For example 3-dimensions, in order to imagine a „thing“ like a dog, and making it a three dimensional picture for me to analyze in front of my imaginary eye.

That works for everything.

And my attention is always only where there is the most water.

There can’t be exactly the same number of water molecules anywhere at the same time.

Approximately, but never exactly the same, because it’s an odd number.

It’s an existential law: You can only focus on one thing.

Likewise, part of your water, your spirit, is already subconsciously distributed by your soul. That’s exactly half, just your opponent on the chess board.

Everything which is distributed unconsciously has value.

Existential Law: What is untouched and uncontrolled by you within your frame is valuable; looking at humanity: what is unpredictable, untouched and uncontrollable for humanity is valuable, it gives life value.

Because human beings want to control everything in order to survive, but will never be able to.

That keeps everything alive.

Because you want to be able to completely control the picture so that it becomes beautiful.

Everyone talking about the „Big Picture“. In my eyes, it means, painting a picture with your feelings, your deeds, your thoughts and by far the most important: Your communication.

And you will have to look at this picture for eternity after you die, since it is equivalent to „nothingness“ as I imagine it. Nothing is the most abstract thing there ever could be imagined, so of course, it is not a color. Or at least none that you could be viewing upon with your mere eyes.

It’s feelings. Or probably something very similar.

Which actually covers everything.

But if it could be, everything would be satisfied and everything would disappear into nothingness.

That’s why we fight for meaninglessness!

The meaninglessness is our drive! It helps us focus the water on just one point that satisfies a large proportion of living beings and never satisfies a small proportion.

So that we can continue to illusion and propel our minds through purpose and drive if we just let our bodies do their thing. The mind will eventually believe it makes sense.

And once you believe, it makes sense, it IS a meaning.

This is essential for survival and important for a good picture. So think less, believe more! (only if it’s about your drive)

Believe that you just have to live. Because that’s all.

Or the only thing you really “have to”: Surviving to live.



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