What should be common sense

A sense, for the feelings and thoughts from the people around you.

The chess game is just over for YOU. Not the world.

The Test is failed. That doesn’t mean you can’t win anymore.

You can still join, but for that, you need to work harder, in oder to get to the expectations of a chess piece which is still in the game.

As you know, you are only allowed to lose your very high exterior expectations, to challenge reality, and once you lose, you feel awful. Any other chess piece is allowed to be lost twice, you can even feel awful, as a pawn, very often, eight whole times!

This number probably varies from person to person. But only these certain times much. Not more. Since a certain border is reached in your mental health, that ultimately drives you crazy, making you lose control over consciousness or leads to suicide, or both.

Your life is fulfilled, when you take the responsibility of the external expectations, and capture any enemy, which is equal to your worth. That’s the only test that is necessary for you to pass and win in life (for yourself) since you have fulfilled you duty.

But if you wouldn’t be lazy, and didn’t lower your expectations to a pawn all of a sudden just because you have done what you were worthy for…

Then your side of the board would have a higher probability of winning the game, thus, sharing the sensation of winning by doing more then you would have to, without giving in to death because you’ve proved yourself, existentially seen.

Life is an Open-World game, a genre in Video games, where you can basically do what you want after a while, and collect quests, explore the world, help people, train and improve yourself as you please.

But while you are playing, you normally have to fulfill a story mission. And the tasks of the story missions are the parts of existence, challenging your life. When you’re finished with the story, you can still do what you want, but after a while, it gets boring, and you shut down the game, and finally, the computer. As if you went living on in life, having fun with all your comrades in the world, then going to sleep, and dying peacefully.

Games are wonderful, since you can respawn, once you didn’t finish off the story, because some bosses were just too hard to conquer. It could be like that in real life too, but I guess School only wants us to train like fighting against wild animals: You only get one chance of surviving against a bear in the real world. So games are the perfect training.

Working at mock exams are the perfect games for fighting against that bear, and that is that exam, tomorrow at 2 P.M.



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