Exterior Expectations = Life quality.

Life quality influences your duration of playing the game.

The highest Life quality has the

King (the highest possible age someone can attain while still being able to die in piece, comfort and silence.)

Afterwards the Queen (90 – 100 years)

Then the Rook (50- 90 years)

The Bishop (30 – 50 years)

The Knight (10 – 30 years)

and alas (at last) the Pawn (0 seconds – 10 years)

Your expectation of yourself starts with the pawn.

Your actual value starts with the king.

That’s why people normally cry horribly when they are being born.

Also, the years indicated represent the years knowing/remembering the people you’re going to meet during life.

Some may be in touch with you for some years, but the real friends will stay with you nearly until the end of your time, like the queen, your partner, your soulmate, your very best friend. You cannot comprehend how much you have to live, so you just think of yourself as living impossibly long, when living over 100 years.

If not, you are just one of the chess pieces, who are friends with the real king. Be proud of yourself ! You knew the king ! You thought for the king !

Now think back : Which former collegues are those, that you expected to never achieve something, but they eventually did, and had a huge comeback a few years later ?

Would you think, they were the king ?

Who knows. Life plays silly games sometimes.

As we all should do.




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