Your Chess Pieces

„Play“ with the chess pieces already available, the ones you start playing with at the beginning, after discovering the world as such, are most probably the ones you are going to play with during your whole life. It’s your consciousness, and your memories, that are mainly defined by them.

These chess pieces are, in my opinion, these:

The Pawn:

Your body (the vessel of everything, the only requirement that will make existence write a personal goal for you, and other people giving any job to you, to keep them alive, so that they keep you alive. At the lowest level of Life quality, of course, which influence your own expectations of yourself. )

The Knight:

Your ideas (a certain pattern of thinking throughout your whole life, which can be ultimately define you yourself as a chess piece in life. They define your trainable capability, not your worth)

The Rook:

Your mind (it controls everything in your body and shapes your ideas by your own laws. Laws are build by reasons of your exterior. Laws shape your goal and your expectation. You can « speak your mind » which means to talk about your interests, values and reasons.)

The King :

Your feelings (Your internal reasons, which only affect you and you alone, they shape and define your interests. It has a certain status, which defines your worth, comparable what we’d imagine as a number. Your feelings are better, the less difference between your abstract expectations and your real actual worth is. They are the only reason for you to be motivated and feel alive and to seek out joy, but are a massive inutile hindrance at surviving and keeping sustainability, truth and justice. Your actual value can never be zero, or infinity, or a negative number.)

The Bishop:

Your interests (The field of theories and science (everything is science), where your ideas spread naturally, without your control or consciousness. It normally stays in the same pattern, however, Mr. coincidence, a very good friend of existence, can give you life-changing situations, whereas your mind changes your field of science drastically, without your consciousness.)

Some of which might change because of various reasons your mind tells you. Some may be able to see your interests , and take them as their „exterior reasons„. They are the connection to other people, to work together, focusing on the task: Life (reaching the personal goal at least once), while keeping each other alive (surviving).)

The Queen:

Your goal (a horizontal line (x-axis, space) in the vertical running time (y-axis, time), that you can only run towards while waiting. You may have just one goal, but several (limited) tries to reach it. Only one pass is all it needs to win in life.

What your chess pieces do in the meantime, is irrelevant to existence. It might affect how other people see you, and that might affect how they work with you, keep you alive.

When the time is reached, several existential questions are presented to you (i.e.: „Did you practice enough/better/harder/smarter in order to be able, or having maximized the probabilities to win?“). It’s a test, whether you are capable of fulfilling your existential expectations, independent of your surroundings, any mischief of other people, or your internal laziness, or not. A test is a collection of several questions.

Wether you answer correctly and pass, or fail miserably -> Existence doesn’t care, you die either way at the end of your life (…duh!).

However, reaching the goal affects you the most. In the case you’re getting the answer right, your expectations arise, and your actual self defined value has space to bloom.

You are taking another chess piece off the board (lower the exterior expectation of some other person), your expectations arise, your actual value does not, since your feelings (internal expectations) are not yet allowed to rise. You have to focus, the test isn’t over yet.

What you did before and do afterwards doesn’t matter to existence, but this one bit of time does. And it does interest you too, since it is the only important thing in life: Getting the expectation of existence, and you, the actual value, together, so it is a right answer for you, and the wrong for existence, which doesn’t care how many time it lost or won against human beings already.

Animals don’t take the test to get their soul fulfilled, but just to survive. Luckily for existence, Mr. Coincidence and Mrs. Lifecycle are taking that job to heart.

When you answer wrong, and don’t die, your expectations lower drastically, eventually drawing down your actual value with it too, mostly underneath, which makes you feel very bad.

That’s the moment one of your chess pieces is taken off the board.

You now possibly have the exterior expectations of a pawn. Well, as long as some are still alive…

When your expectations were shrinked down to a pawn, but none are left, you fail (but don’t die).

Your actual value (your feelings) drop down too.


While you have these expectations, you can only move as a pawn (move your body).

-> The more you have to move you body, the more you are a pawn.

-> The less you have to move, the more you are a king.




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