You are doing fine

When planning my life ahead, I figured, it might not be the best plan, to think that I’ll be quitting everything I have done before, and start with my passion and my drive a completely new field of study, and then, everything will turn out great.

Nah, don’t think so.

It might be cool and all, to have a certain standard of perfectionism, but the „royalty“ of a person defines itself by that standard lowering your whole life, while you are holding it up anyways, until it it shapes and defines as something real: As a concrete value.

Get that image of „Infinity“ and „Nothingness“ out of your head when thinking about your value, and the value you compare to yourself, that you want to achieve. Forget that sh*t.

It ain’t real.

Because those are just mere words. Things, made up by the human mind, to describe something the brain cannot comprehend.

Things, that the brain cannot comprehend don’t exist (for us and our perception, yes, but that’s the important part we’re talking about. So it’s the only part we should be talking about).

So: Reality solely consists of real values, real numbers. There is no zero matter, where ever you look. Air is everywhere, and even where no space is, is matter.

Here: Two videos which explain why nothingness and negativiy don’t exist, from the perspectives of physics and psychology:

Yes, it’s a real video, the title is just „nothing“ which is the literal subject.

Basic fundementals of life in general, I’d say.

So: Don’t play with the hope of having a new, (for you) revolutionary field of interest SOMEWHERE (= never, nothingness, zero) in the SOMEWHEN (= also never) future.

There is no „Somewhen“ in life.

Only now.

Or tomorrow, 2 PM, having the exam of your life.

The quintessence of it all/The article summarized: Do what you are already doing. Or what you have already started, and enjoyed, but somehow never found the time.

„All the answers for your questions are right in front of you. You just have to know, where to look.“

The reminder, that we all, who overthink, are already doing fine. There is no need to stress ourselves more than we have to. Existence already does a massively good job on this one.



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