Nothing is the meaning

Traveling and any other overly sensory stimulations, which oftentimes require spontaneous and unplanned decision-making, coupled with the exact opposite, repeated and carefully balanced over time, is probably the most possible sensation of life that you can provoke.

And of course there should be a goal or something, guiding you to balance, since we will either leave chaos or something wrong behind, if we just randomly create things, and let our mind be free, unsettled but constantly satisfied.

So yeah, you’re partially right. As everyone, including me, is.

Being satisfied is the worst way of accelerating your life towards the end. So let there be times, when you are satisfied, and way more times, when you are not, so you may go and travel and find answers, that’ll give you the right, to finally perish completely, in order to not leave chaos and existentially wrong things behind.

Finding someone who satisfies you, creating the thing that you have to create, in order to not having to create something anymore, and finding the thing, that always defies you, are the three ingredients everyone has to achieve to make up for the mess your parents left behind.

Having kids on your own though, is ironically the fastest and only way for yourself and your generation to find the things, that’ll always defy everyone, and keeping the balance of finding something satisfactional.

Overall though, creating human lives only results the same chaos again, but advanced.

And that’s okay. This is what human beings are meant to do to reality.

So this advancement, can truely be worthy of being called: Progress!


P.S: Check out the article which inspired these thoughts:


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