Opposite gives value

Survival is the main reason why we still have purpose in this life, I think.

Because: We are based off these packs, these „natural“ hierarchies. We still think in these ways as we look at our society, our politics and our debates. If we would have evolved that far as a species, so that everyone is nice to each other, rather let the other one go further then oneself and bascially embodies altruism in it’s fullest and the most idealistic, then we would all experience hell over time.

Think of Adam Smith’s Economical Concept of the „Invisible Hand“. It has mainly one condition: Everyone thinks of themselves first, others come second.

„I have spotted an offer better than all the others. I want it first!

Maybe my family gets some advantage from it too, then I’d have a reason, and a reason is the best way to get accordance of other people…

…Nah, I’ll just buy it for myself.“

Speaking of animalistic, right?

While this concept of „black-friday-sales“ sounds strangely primitive, it is the fundamental part of a modern, truely altruistic society. Whereas we may not forget to consider the contrast and dualism only makes the world truely existing. In other words:

Only the sheer opposite gives something value.

While we were raised in peace, we play a game to simulate war and compete for the rest of our lives. While we were raised in war, we’d yen to live in peace and to just rest.

If we wouldn’t know darkness, we wouldn’t like to live in the light.

If there wouldn’t be death, survival would be meaningless.

That applies to anything, therefore, we can now assume to know why the world exists:

If the void, the zero, the nothingness, the nirvana truely does not exist, or only is an illusion that it exists, we must know, that there is something that exists.

But wait! If this is true, then why don’t we always get what we want?

Life gains its value through death.

You gain value through other people.

Deeds gain value, by what you never did.

So do anything that will get you to do something out of instinct. That kind of instinct that you just have if you need to get out of trouble.

I could now set up more weird thoughts, but that would only lead to the following:

Everything has to have meaning, everything has a reason.

At least that is, what most think and experience.

Let Mysteries exist! Just to solve them…



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