Introduction to Cognitive Functions

Now that you may be happy about your type and all, please, enjoy yourself a little longer and fantasize about, how good your life will be now, since you now know, that there are people to understand you. How they can even relate to your very own problems, which, of course, only are, because of your very special and unique type.

„As if it would be normal to have MY problems…“-kind of way, right?

To be honest, tbh, with you, I was in that very same hole I just put you in.

Im probably an Intuitive, so it’s definitely worse (but easier) for me, falling into holes.

(If Intuition and Sensory and all that doesn’t ring any bells, you probably are the latter, so Sensory, but do not fear of not knowing too less, I’ll be putting up a video about that soon!)

For now, please watch THIS, if you do not agree with your type at all:

… if that is not the case, (or it is, but you are thoroughly curious) then please watch this, to awaken from the fairytale, you probably landed in, previously:

…just to say, these videos aren’t from me, nor do I have any contact with the originators.

They just explain so much in this field so good. Directly. That’s important.

After your lil‘ tour, please continue to watch this (I’m sorry, but it has to be in order to cure y’all who took the test from the shame you might be to bring upon yourself):

Very important video

At the end, two things to conclude here:

  1. If it gets complicated and the universe asks you for specific, field-related and accurate data, and you cannot give some, then your way of thinking is not scientific (no matter if N or S)
  2. As long as you believe or value unscientific ways of deduction and investigations in ANY subjects (it’s not limited to psychology or specifically typology) you might see yourself in the realms of astrology, people who live after their zodiac sign and conspiracy theorists.

Also, the test you did on yourself is also just as valid as your own opinion of yourself.

It’s not like the doctor you go to, when your stomach hurts, gives you some instruments, but then leaves you alone in a room, with the words: „Hurry up, go check yourself, every amateur knows how to diagnose and fix gastritis!“

„What’s that?“

…,would be a more probable and reasonable response then: „yep, sure thing, I’ve got no idea what you just said, but imma go diagnose myself with these feel-good-tools, in order to get exactly these qualities that everyone searches!“

„Introversion makes me depressed, and therefore cool! Intuition makes me smart, ladies like that!

Rational thinking is more useful then these stupid feelings, never used them for good anyway…

…and yes, I know, I should doing more sports lately, and the boss always complaints why I’m so lazy, so I should probably be a judging-guy now, then I’d always have a plan or a cool response to everything…


Trust me, been there.

Not cool, man. I can tell you, it’s not cool. Especially afterwards, after you’ve typed everyone and everything, and finally realize how much you actually learned: Nothing.

I don’t want to say that typology is a waste of time, not at all, the opposite is the clearly the case!

But always check in what hole you’ll be going, and what exactly you’ll be really searching for, before you go.

(pervy minds read pervy things, but I refer to the intellectual hole, like, really sinking deep into books, theories, games, whatsoever….

…only realized what „holes“ could otherwise be interpreted after re-reading the post twice)

Shun now understands…

There will be more to come, especially some of my interpretations of videos from „Objective Personality“.

If you two will ever read this:





I quite frick’n love you!


but also: you dumb, why are you reading all this?

It’s but a waste of time, y’all know this stuff already (don’t come with me of an Ni excuse, repeating the same thing over and over again, especially the basics. This no valid excuse to me anymore)




I hate being Ni-dom by the way, why did you do this, why did you reveal that to me and the world?:'(




Still luv you tho, keep going making great sh’t! ^^




Now, to all again:

I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and…

Thank you all very much for reading!


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4 Kommentare zu „Introduction to Cognitive Functions

  1. I am eclectic in my little world which I reckon gives a broader perspective on things and enjoy deep diving geopolitics through history and a really terrible B-grade movie. It’s all about the mix for me which explains a little bit of why I am weird in my world view.

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. I had to look up the acroynms 🙂 Forgive me for being an old fart.

    I temper current actions with historical context which gives perspective and despite the confusion at times the analysis is sound much of the time. Consider my major essay Antipodean Angst and how that has become relevant given the current global status quo.


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