Plus and Minus C10: Logic

Logic, numbers and the ability to think purposefully

This “tunnel vision”, as I’d call it boldly, is definitely one of the most effective states a person can find himself in. I, who I have already written a text about the advantages of fanaticism and aggressiveness, like few people, pursue a passion for a certain topic that accompanies them from childhood. It is precisely that this ability – together with the social environment – is one of the crucial factors for considerable success. I would also like to note here that there is nothing like a successful life for me, nor do I understand anything like that:

Life is successful in every way, as can be seen in my life-death model:

Fig. 1: Life-Death-Model nr. 1

According to this, after a more detailed explanation, life is intended, among other things, for the struggle for life, also in the form of enjoying the invention. Most inventions were initially created with the help of logical, empirical thoughts, also known as mathematics, but only then became completely useful for people through its actual idea. The philosophy behind it, when “I think further than other ordinary people” is an indicator for the further development of the same lines of thought with the help of different ways of thinking, i.e. the different minds. In times of industrialization on social networks it is not possible to understand how this really ingenious thinking tool can have such a negative effect and influence both on personality and on life and its quality.

Logic and numbers are more than just thinking instruments and aids, nor even human inventions or other nonsense. Some living beings among us, who think that mathematics were largely invented by other previous people (preferably common teachers), solely to torture, are completely wrong. It is used to determine the intelligence and intellect of a person, to determine the upbringing and work ethic as well as attitudes to those ethical or philosophical questions. Information is that which (like the power in Star Wars), permeates and dominates everything, precisely this information is usually given in values.

Sure, numbers, i.e. those symbols for values, were invented by people in the form of illuminated brains without any question, but the real quintessence are still the values, context and information. Due to the ability to understand those regulations and terms among each other (including the formulas that make this data usable, as well as the people and their surrounding natural system itself, which provides the necessary data for the first step), the power of being superior to humans over animals, in that they know about the „life among each other“.

The ability to think follows from nature and its mathematics, so everyone in the life-death model is basically obliged to preserve, enjoy and, in particular, invent and develop life. With special attention to what certain people have and try to bring this to bear with goals that are as fantastic as they are sometimes realistic:


These should represent visions of a glorious future, as it is already described in science fiction today. Find out what life experiences are necessary to develop a mindset in the present for the future. The logical thinking with those operators are based on a new concept set up by nature, which humans could make use of. In the life-death model, I do not assume that every actor knows that model and is aware of that way of thinking.

Disclaimer: This life-death model comes from times that were inspired by my not exactly positive experiences in life. It does not represent my current, and hopefully not my future worldview either. For this chapter, however, it made sense to use it.

Nevertheless: In this case, the text says more, the picture is just… colorful and doesn’t have much meaningful to say.

As always, I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and …

Thank you for reading!

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