Plus and Minus C8: Goals

Existence (Goals): Goal table

You exist. Others also exist. Things also exist.

All of this exists and is therefore the opposite of the «non-existence» (read: death) life! We know that there are exactly these two states. If we now look at you: You consist of several «layers». On the one hand, you have an energy and metabolic cycle, so you are an animal, a living being. But you can also read and think. And these are the characteristics of a person. Last but not least, you can also interact with other people and feel emotions. You can check your own “status” and know how good you are. You also have a certain reputation with other people. This is called „social rank“.

As soon as you meet these two conditions, you are a social and an emotional being. You and others all have the same needs. When these are largely and regularly satisfied, the personality follows. (If they are not, or not regularly, satisfied, this of course also has an impact on the personality) There are enough personality types, as well as related self-tests on the Internet, with which a good approximation of the knowledge about one’s own way of life and way of thinking can be attempted. But the actual personality type lies in what you really think and actually implement (or what you think, and not even start / finish). These personalities give you three important pieces of information. On the one hand, the personality type represents the survival strategy, since different priorities, such as working on social rank or on expanding one’s own abilities, can lead to different standards of living.

In addition, additional (personal) interests come to the fore.

Likewise connected with the different priorities such as friendship or work ethic.

Existence (Plan): Lifeplanning

Planning may not always take place using exactly the same form as presented here. Likewise, the phases could not arise in this order, or even in this period. But the fact is certain that it is necessary to go through all phases and all objectives in order to have given enough time to the identity, the gathering of experiences and impressions, the ordering and processing of these impressions, as well as the fellow human beings. Even if none of it remains, it is your good, chance right to go to this goal and to shape life as right, because your biological vessel positively forces you to do so.

However, if the contents of this vessel do not offer resistance, but rather intuitively swim with you in your own lake of thoughts and feelings, it becomes difficult to question even more and to lose the only source of good answers. And good answers would be, for example, those to good questions, and the most important of all questions is widely understood to be: „What is my point and purpose?“

Existence (Winning): The Four Dimensions of Winning

Here, the competition of life must be brought back to mind, as well as its meaning and raison d’etre in our world and in our heads. In these four dimensions, I now dare to claim that every single creature is located in the universe. The meaning and purpose of each individual is actually to be found in individual winning. Some want to be happy.

Some want to be world champions in a particular sport. Still others would like to understand the secrets of this world, and many, very many simply want to deliver enough goods to interested parties in order to be able to legitimately request goods from sellers themselves. By and large, the species “human” only helps itself out and distributes goods and services to all members of its kind who still need the basic needs satisfied in order to survive. Science improves the quality of life and the respective duration of each individual life, while practice pays attention to the safety and the „creation“ of this improved quality. The social dimension takes care of distribution after the economy has put mass production behind it. And then the customers or the person, and humanity as such, receive something new, wonderful, usually life-affirming, which not only serves for survival but also the „bonus“ component: „life“. This entire process is summarized in the following illustration:

Existence (Progress): Rough drawing of progress

Winning now takes place differently in each area: In the areas of theory, research, development and the abstract, good planning, reasons and evidence are what count. The focus here is to be right. The only criterion for this area is the degree that applies to reality, but not necessarily related to the current moment. So if someone claims something completely cerebral, does not apply to a possible goal, plan, event or further idea, this someone has made no contribution to progress in the theoretical dimension and thus nothing to the only meaningful endeavor. In the intellectual arena, someone has won if the right can be given for that, and no other opinion or idea. Whether there is one or more people behind this opinion or idea is pretty irrelevant to mankind and the living being as such. So if someone has lost a discussion due to a lack of convincing arguments, it can still be considered worthy and respectful of having produced a theoretical contribution to keep the clock ticking.

For the theoretical dimension, the following applies: „The main thing is that I understand it.“ The practical dimension is responsible for the implementation, safety, maintenance and unfortunately also for the use of tools against people. However, these tools had previously been designed for the life-affirming, see for example Alfred Nobel, who developed dynamite to support mining and operations underground. Instead, it was discovered for killing, and Alfred Nobel decided to start another cause that would keep him alive in people’s minds to this day: the Nobel Prize!

This award is given to people who have done great things in their fields of research, literature, and peace. This peace is assigned to the practical dimension. The following applies here:

„The main thing is that it works.“

The literature less, but rather the medium of what it lives on: Language and communication is the most important thing in the social dimension. It is the building block on which society and the most powerful civilization on earth connected with it was created. Without communication and herd instincts, we would still be loners today, who could not afford to be loners, or to act like that, and would therefore have a completely different world before us, which would probably sooner or later seep into the earth and decompose. These ideas and the approaches developed from them could not become anything greater if no exchange and no interaction with the needs, ideas and goals of other living beings were considered.

However, one rule for social interaction must always be kept in mind:

The pure exchange of ideas is not something that extends to the level of social and practical, and therefore nothing can be heard by other people that can only be found in difficult cooperation and even less favorable circumstances for one’s own survival.

In other, simpler words: it is best to always present yourself, then others will know best how to support you. The practical area is responsible for protecting this idea, because other living beings then also know best how they can harm this project.

Whatever the reasons: The social sector helps each other out and releases a world in which the support for the general public can be valued accordingly, if they have done some work beforehand. The following applies:

„The main thing is that others appreciate it.“ At the end there is now the emotional dimension, in which the many dreams and adventurous thoughts arise when the valued product has now found its way into the homes of the consumers.

Thoughts arise like:

„What if it looked different?“ Or „I would have done it differently, but the idea and the concept itself is not bad!“

Art and culture characterize this dimension. All origins and customs, stories, jokes and gimmicks find their place in archives about human history, which ultimately exist for the future or never-existing generation, and one day when everything has fallen into disrepair, its last drop of photons will still be reflected until it finally enjoyed the same state of mind in constant darkness that it had always enjoyed: void. The following applies here:

„The main thing is that I appreciate it“

I hope you find your meaning through this, or have learned more about your determination.


Here I finally mentioned my progression model. Wow, that took more chapters than I thought. :O

But whatever. Now these thoughts and theories can linger in the minds of mankind until new, possibly more exciting decisions can be drawn from them.

So: keep thinking hard! (Even if it’s exhausting for some)

In the end it serves mankind and yourself, because I personally believe that people who have made a benefit for society also exist beyond their biological constitution. Because the human being, the individual in itself is just a concept that happened to be found in reality, isn’t it?

So the longer you think about this concept, and this idea that was behind this embodiment, the sooner this person lives in all those people who are currently thinking of this person, at least for the moment. Should this person live at this point in time, it would be interesting to know whether any reaction would then take place in such a body, that is to say at exactly the point in time at which a considerable number of people are thinking about this „soul“.

Even two people would be coolest, one with a relatively “good” idea behind it, that is, in the eyes of many people as “good”, and the other is based on relatively “bad” ideas.

What would happen then?


And do you also think that a person lives on / longer than biologically possible if only enough people think about this person and their characteristics on a regular basis?

Let me know in the comments! I look forward to your opinion!

At this point, as always, I wish you a wonderful day, stay curious, and …

Thank you for reading!

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