Plus and Minus C6: Basic Principles

Why does time go exactly the way it does?

Fig. 1: Time Progress

Some would argue that time goes straight, some may argue that time has no direction, and still others would argue that time is like a train and we humans stand by and look at that train. The fact is: There is something in this universe that we can call „time“. In addition, it should be fairly obvious how the concept of time is often presented in language. “This time is behind me” or “time has passed me by” suggests that time is perceived as a spatial issue in which we move day by day. For our psyche this actually means security in the face of change. Because time can never go backwards without forcing our death.

And the fact alone that in the future only something „attractive“ has to wait for us, since there may be so much „repulsive“ in the past, gives the psyche the necessary reason to look fanatically at the future, to wait for it with itchy fingers and at the same time actively shaping the vision of future life with your hands. So life is not only fundamentally positive, but also to be seen as motivating and saving.

Here we shed light on the principle:

Life = time.

Fig. 2: Time

Since a constant change in life is inevitable, the living being is to be regarded as something positive at this very moment. A change can only be measured with the dimension of time, so without time nobody would be able to read these lines in order to be able to judge them for their meaningfulness and thus for their potential to support their own survival. The same applies to past events in which one was successful or for which one is now ashamed.

Simply calling up these memories is the use of the brain, i.e. also the use of the most important tool for survival: No hasty prejudices or negative wisdoms should be inferred from past events. On the contrary, the brain can, wants and even has to be used to learn from the past!

Mistakes are, of course, not a pleasant experience for most, but without unpleasant stories, life as a whole would be judged as negative. So you have to use it in the right way of life for improvement in order to be seen as used / applied energy.

Thus, the cycle of change is stimulated by a higher amplitude (and subsequently a higher maximum), and life in the present can be perceived as positive again. Otherwise the present is neutral.

No activity is carried out and no stimuli are set. In this state one is to be equated with death. So breaks make no sense if you are able to create something. Recovery is always to be expected in the future, after the work has been done and a change in reality has taken place. We will never have a point in our lives when time really stands still. If that were the case, we would no longer be able to live because no changes, and thus no metabolic processes, stimuli and improvements would be possible.

This knowledge is to be equated with the positive philosophy of life:

„The positive is bound to our life.“

Without relaxation and fun, no sweat and no exertion can be made or experienced. Therefore everything that can be found in life, including the entire time, must be viewed positively.

How are social relationships to be maintained and why?

Fig. 3: Social

Social relationships play a crucial role in this world. You decide the quality of life, lifespan (both of yourself and of other living beings) and, in some cases, the number of people in the world population.

You gain special influence through your behavior, the way you talk and act. At least handing in the certificate is enough to seduce those looking for help. Anyone who behaves differently than the people who adhere to the norm is usually viewed as an outsider and harmful to people, regardless of whether this corresponds to reality or not.

Those who invest their efforts in the respective areas, in which their achievements and results finally come to light, are perceived as useful and powerful and are accordingly treated with respect. This respect is shown, among other things, in a certain loyalty and a regular search for „success“ impulses. People who follow another person also want to be able to perform certain services in order to receive the same, if not a greater influence.

Someone who cannot explain anything, cannot implement anything or provide other real (showable / explainable) achievements will have difficulties surviving in this society. Power is characterized by dependencies. So whoever has the opportunity to do something that helps other people must do so in order to survive. To have power, i.e. to receive support from other people as well as independently (without an effective social system or money) to ensure that one’s own basic needs are satisfied. So is an essential endeavor in this existence.

Linked to this is again the principle: „Knowledge is power“, which could be related to the questioning and answer-finding processes. The more questions and answers that can be called up in a person’s head, the smarter it can ultimately be called. That is why this blog mainly deals with questions from all corners of the brain, and the focus is on the question: „Why?“ And, connected to it, philosophy.

I hope this post has motivated you a bit, at least the thought is always good for me that it is purely logical to make an effort, to fail and to get up, to carry on!

Or do you take something completely different from this reading? Please write me in the comments below! Until next time, have a motivated, nice day, stay curious, and …

Thank you for reading!


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4 Kommentare zu „Plus and Minus C6: Basic Principles

  1. I think Einstein postulated that space could be folded and in turn time can be distorted. If that is so then I want to fold space and go back to the 80’s. Bad hair and one hit wonders are a small price to pay for a saner world.
    I’m feeling frivolous this morning.

    Knowledge is indeed power but only if the knowledge is usable and the holder of that knowledge has the intent and means to use that knowledge. That’s the bit most people screw up.

    In these modern times knowledge is a commodity and a weapon if you care to stop and look from the outside in at the ways in which knowledge and information is used to achieve goals regardless of how spurious the information and knowledge is, or how frequently those who spew things at us change their ‚facts‘ to suit their needs.
    It has laways been that way, yet the modern twist is a lack of humility in the ways that those who shape things no longer care at the hypocrisy they portray.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. You’re so right. Except for the frivolous part.
      The use of knowledge in the pre-modern world was far more exciting than we are experiencing it today!
      I mean those machines, that we all are currently just using for leisure were fascinating, untouched pieces of gold, back then.
      I think the readiness/acceptance to learn was also much bigger than in this decade of pure acceptance, but the tragedy of all that comes down to the incredible technical development they would have needed to learn better, and we, today, who are able to use that technology, are not using it to the fullest potential.
      If there is a time machine in the near future, than I’d really like to show the 80s and 90s generation a part of what we have today, in order to give decisive impulses for our knowledge-seeking Scientists and Teachers. Even if they wouldn’t be fully certain how to change the world with these little pieces of information, humanity would develop faster. Because it is mostly the power of intend and curiousity, that let us solve a puzzle, no matter how many pieces are missing. At least that is, what I believe.

      To help the human race on its pursuit of understanding would certainly be a very good reason and intend, to use the „usable“ wisdom.

      The music in the 80s would be a good reason too, though. It was exhilarating.


      1. In a variety of ways I really miss the 80’s even though it was a time of uncertainty there was a different mindset at work within society. Now we have uncertainty with a society divided by so many frivolous things rather than a society that is more cohesive.


      2. The mindset of work is the most valuable asset a country can invest in. Even every person, of every decade. No matter in which direction of the political spectrum you might be looking: There is always something that needs to be done, oftentimes even on a daily basis. My upbringing rather showed me a world full of lazy, mediocre mindsets, that think that a big part of their life is solely based on dirty luck. To be born with the right skills, with the right contacts and the right resources really was a bit more important when the internet wasn’t available for everyone, but still, back then the journey of success and revolutionary ideas was probably one of the most fun experiences you could have imagined to experience. Just because people could say, that they’ve done something, that no one ever did before them.
        Nowadays,the impression comes forth, that the idea of success divides nations. But at the end we all just want to fly to the moon, don’t we?


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